Alton Brown

Food Network Star/Celebrity Chef

“You ready for this? Fong’s Pizza is one of the coolest establishment’s I’ve ever been to. And I’m sad it’s not closer to Atlanta. Let me set the scene for you: Chinese decor, tiki drinks and serious pizza. Eating there with my crew was the most fun we’ve had on the tour yet. I’d recommend the Crab Rangoon (it was incredible), we also ordered the Beef and Broccoli, as well as a couple slices of the special Jalapeño Mac and Cheese pizza. I can’t wait to go back.”

“You have to understand that my favorite restaurant in the world is in Des Moines. I discovered it the last time I was there, and I will be back this time. I will be at Fong’s Pizza. Fong’s Pizza is the best, which I discovered when I was touring there before. I ate there and I ate at a couple of other little places around town. But Fong’s Pizza is absolutely up there, and I can only hope that they’ll be reserving a spot to eat for me, as well as a jet fighter helmet for me to wear while I am drinking my kamikaze.”


Nomadic Matt

Traveling the world since 2006

“You wouldn’t think Crab Rangoon, Kung Pao Chicken, or Hunan Beef pizza would be good, but you would be wrong — it’s phenomenal. So is the potato skin pizza. Holy moly! With dozens of options to choose from, this restaurant serves a food combo that just shouldn’t work but does.”

As seen on TV

Fong’s promo video, created by Richard Williams with StupidDOPE

Excerpt from the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise show, episode “Pizza Paradise 2”


Voted Best Pizza by Cityview
readers since 2009. 

4 star review from Datebook Diner

Voted Pizza Today’s Top 100 Independents from 2013-2016.
Ranked 32 out of 100 in 2016.

Voted best pizza in Iowa by Food Network magazine in 2014

Named Iowa’s pizza choice by MSN for where to get pizza in all 50 states 

Zagat named Fong’s one of the nine
reasons to drive to Des Moines

Made Travel Iowa’s Final Four
bracket for best Iowa pizza