Fong’s Pizza combines flavors & inspiration from the Far East & the West to create what we think is the best! Home to the original Crab Rangoon Pizza, we specialize in pizzas, as well as handmade appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and gluten friendly, vegetarian, & vegan selections. Feel free to indulge in a tiki drink or craft beer with our Fongtastic unique cuisine. Cheers!



“You ready for this? Fong’s Pizza is one of the coolest establishment’s I’ve ever been to. And I’m sad it’s not closer to Atlanta. Let me set the scene for you: Chinese decor, tiki drinks and serious pizza. Eating there with my crew was the most fun we’ve had on the tour yet. I’d recommend the Crab Rangoon (it was incredible), we also ordered the Beef and Broccoli, as well as a couple slices of the special Jalapeño Mac and Cheese pizza. I can’t wait to go back.”

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